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  Welcome to the future of your brain

Brain signals...

Data Points...

We need to understand what make us humans

& we contribute by OPENING the "MNIST" of Brain Digits Download our Open Data Base
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  A sneak peak into the data

  The Big Data contains FMRI Maps + EEG Signals from 19 Brain locations (10/20) using 4 Headsets (14ch,5ch,4ch,1ch) ...  
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September 30th 2014
A tribute to the father of Neuroscience.
A tribute to the father of Neuroscience

October 26th 2014
A new window into our mind.
A new window into our mind

December 22nd 2014
Deep Learning and the Rise of AI.
A new window into our mind

January 9th 2015
About The Future of "Life"
About The Future of Life

March 31st 2015
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  Devices to backup your brain signals compatible with Mind Big Data  
  # Channels Status
MindWave Mobile
MindWave Mobile

1 Fully Supported
Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Apps
Emotv EEG
Emotiv EEG
14  Supported only by Desktop Apps
or compatible Tablet devices
EPOC only Research Ed.
Interaxon Muse
Interaxon Muse
4  Fully Supported  
Emotv Insight
Emotiv Insight
5  Supported by Desktop Apps
or compatible Tablet devices
 only Research Ed.

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  Moving inside Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality Worlds, just using thoughts ...  
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